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The Support Operations Division is responsible for strengthening community relations and trust; providing community elated and crime prevention programs; ensure all inmates receive housing, counseling, job skills, substance abuse treatment, crime prevention, and intensive case management assistance upon release; providing operational support in fleet, grounds maintenance, food service, building maintenance, and IT security for the Sheriff’s Office; maintaining evidence collected; maintaining departmental records, entering law enforcement information into the records management system and Georgia Crime Information Center database in a timely manner. 

Facilities Management Section

  • Facilities Management Section plans and oversees the maintenance and service-related infrastructures of the Sheriff’s Office and the Gwinnett County Jail. The section consists of:


  • Trades Tech Unit


  • Building Services Unit:


  • Food Services Unit:


Supervisor: Glen Fountain | 770-619-6406 |

Technical Services Section

Technical Services Section is responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of all information systems at the Sheriff’s Office. The section consists of:

  • Information Technology (I.T.) Unit


  • Evidence Unit:


Support Services Section

Support Services Section provide internal support of the daily operations at the Sheriff’s Office. The section consists of:

  • Maintenance Security Unit


  • Kitchen Unit


  • Uniform Supply Unit


  • EOC Unit


  • Classifications Unit


  • Inmate Services Unit


  • Fleet Liaison Unit

                  470.235.8335 | 404.392.6614


Administrative Support Section

The purpose of the Administrative Support Section is to maintain all departmental records, warrants, and entries into the required database systems, and to assist the public and other agencies with the retrieval of internal records. The following units are part of the Administrative Support Section:

  • Records Management Unit



  • Sheriff Processing Associates Unit 



  •  Active Records Unit



  • Inactive Records Unit



  • Inmate Accounts Unit


  • GCIC Unit


  • Warrants Support Unit: 


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