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Evictions (Writ of Possession) are scheduled as they are received. You have to obtain a certified copy of a Writ of Possession from the Clerk of the Court where you filed the Dispossessory Proceeding.


You then bring the Writ to our office and pay a fee of $25 [this fee is set by state law, O.C.G.A. .§ 15-16-21(b.)(12)]. Once we have the Writ and the Writ fee, we will schedule the eviction with you. You must bring the writ to our office within 30 days of issuance. If you do not schedule your eviction within thirty (30) days [O.C.G.A.44-7-55 (d)(e)], we will return the Writ to the Clerk of Court.


A labor force of at least two people per bedroom for residential evictions is required. If you are aware that the house is “packed”(full of items), you should increase your labor force so that the eviction can be completed in two (2) hours. We must know if any unsafe conditions exist or may exist. *Deputies do not assist in the physical removal of property.*


The labor required for a business eviction will be determined on a case by case basis. We must know the following information: if any alcohol or cigarettes (for sale) are present (such as a bar or restaurant); flammables or hazardous materials; groceries; if the power has been turned off for a long time; any other unhealthy conditions. We also need to know generally why type of items will be found at the business, especially heavy or bulky items

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