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Bonding Process

**All cash bonds posted at the Gwinnett County Jail must be paid with the
exact dollar amount; the Gwinnett County Jail will not provide change.**

Bonds may be posted only after the booking and identification process is complete. Once completed, the detainees are placed in a holding area with access to collect calling phones in order to make arrangements for release on bond.

NOTE: Bond amounts are determined by the judges or the court system, not by the Sheriff’s Office. Department personnel cannot assist in lowering bond amounts or changing court ordered conditions of bond.

Credit Cards – A credit card may be used to post a cash bond at This is not a bonding company and fees are not governed by the Sheriff’s Office.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

The Gwinnett County Jail will accept the following:

Cash – United States Currency, Money Orders, Traveler’s Checks, or Certified Bank Checks (Foreign Currency and Personal Checks are not accepted).

Online Cash Bond – Cash bonds up to $5,000 may be posted at

Property – Real property only (titles for mobile homes and vehicles ARE NOT ACCEPTED) Property may be located anywhere in the state of Georgia. Ownership and equity amounts are verified prior to acceptance. A current tax notice and current mortgage statement for property being used as collateral must be presented at the time the bond is being obtained. If the property is not located in Gwinnett County, the owner must obtain an “Approved Bond” from the Sheriff in the county where the property is located. Land that is currently for sale will not be accepted. If the property is currently being used as surety on other bonds, the amount of equity must be enough to cover all bonds posted. Property that is being used as collateral for a bond may not be sold until the bond is removed or the charges adjudicated. The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office does not accept property bonds from out-of-state, nor will we prepare a property bond for another state.

Professional Bondsman – An approved professional bonding company may be used for posting a bond. THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE CANNOT RECOMMEND A PARTICULAR BONDING COMPANY

Approved Bonding Companies

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