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Community Outreach Section

The Community Outreach Section was an initiative implemented by Sheriff Keybo Taylor to further develop and create community-based strategies by utilizing restorative justice principles, to enhance economic opportunity, build strong neighborhoods, and ensure a dynamic framework for quality growth and development.

Community Affairs Unit

The Community Affairs Unit is the liaison unit between the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office and the community. This unit attends various community events to close the gap between the community and law enforcement by establishing positive relationships in a non-enforcement capacity, promoting peace and protecting lives, and educating our Gwinnett County residents about crime prevention.

Community Outreach Programs

Gwinnett Re-Entry Intervention Program (GRIP)

Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office partnered with the United Way of Greater Atlanta and formed the Gwinnett Re-entry Intervention Program (GRIP). This program strives to reduce recidivism by pairing individuals exiting incarceration with community resources to assist them in becoming self-sufficient. GRIP provides them access to resources such as shelter, drug treatment, job skills training, employment, and housing. GRIP’s primary objective is to provide assistance to inmates while they are incarcerated and help prepare them to make the transition from the jail to the community. The Intervention Services Section is made up of the staff and programs assigned to take place outside of the jail. The primary focus of the Intervention Services Section is to keep individuals from coming to jail or being re-arrested.

For additional information: GRIP Resource Guide

Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Garden was developed as a therapeutic community focusing on accountability and growth through teamwork and cooperation. This program provides inmates with hands-on landscaping experience and knowledge in the horticulture and gardening fields. Inmates also learn valuable life skills, including responsibility, discipline, mindfulness, and how to work in a group setting effectively.

Explorers Post 699 Program

The Explorers Post 699 Program was developed to educate and involve youth in law enforcement operations, to interest them in possible law enforcement careers, and to build mutual understanding. The educational aspect provides knowledge of the law enforcement function in one’s community, whether one enters the career of law enforcement or not.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard provides funeral honors for our fallen comrades. They also serve as ceremonial guards by displaying and escorting the national flag on formal occasions, parades, academy graduations, and other official functions.

“Honoris Exspectat Digni” ~ Honor Awaits the Worthy

Contact the Honor Guard by email:

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