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All money in the possession of an inmate will be collected and deposited into an account credited to the inmate. Inmates are not allowed to have money in their possession while incarcerated.

Anyone wishing to place money on an inmate’s account may do so through one of the available options below:


Debit and credit cards may be used online at

Note: There is a fee associated with using this service. Because the fee amounts vary, we will not give out fee information over the phone. The fee amounts are located on the Smart Kiosk and online.


Money Orders

Money Orders may be MAILED via the U.S. Postal Service to the inmate at the jail. Only U.S. Postal Money Orders and Western Union Money Orders will be accepted. If letters or photographs are contained in the envelope, all contents will be returned to the sender. Money Orders will be accepted through the mail. Write the inmate’s name and ID number on the money order, address the envelope to the jail, and write “For Deposit Only” on the envelope.

Address for Money Orders:

Gwinnett County Jail

2900 University Parkway

Lawrenceville, GA 30043



Smart Deposit Kiosk

Cash, Debit, or Credit Cards may be used with the Smart Deposit Kiosk in the jail lobby. Note: There is a fee associated with using the service.

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