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Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office

Jail Operations

The Jail Operations Division is responsible for providing a safe and humane environment for our residential inmate population, protecting the inmate population from victimization within the facility, and providing access to a system of due process internal to the facility.


This division ensures public safety by providing professionally managed jail services to inmates pursuant to judgments of the courts, provides protection for the public and staff, provides the court with pertinent information and effective services for use in pre-sentencing processes and decisions, and speaks with courts and attorneys concerning the jail and resolves problems or concerns.

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The Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office is responsible for housing all arrestees in Gwinnett County at the Gwinnett County Jail. Located in Lawrenceville, the Gwinnett County Jail is a premier pre-trial detention facility.

The Gwinnett County Jail is operated 24/7, and is staffed by three shifts. These shifts include:

  • Day Watch

  • Evening Watch

  • Morning Watch

Each shift is supervised by a major, and all shifts fall under the responsibility of the Jail Commander.

Jail Operations on the Radio!
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