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Field Operations Division

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The Field Operations Division is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations of criminal violations of the law and providing crime scene and evidence recovery services; preparing case and incident reports. The Field Operations Division is comprised of four sections: Civil Process Section, Criminal Investigation Section, Mental Health Task Force, and Special Investigations Section.

Civil Process Section

The Civil Process Section processes, serves, and ensures compliance with court judgements, ensures the safe transportation of inmates, and manages the Sheriff’s Office Reserve program. Units include:

  • Civil Processing/Evictions Unit


  • Drug & Treatment Accountability Unit


  • Civil Processing Administrative Unit


  • Transportation Unit


Criminal Investigations Section

The Criminal Investigation Section conducts follow-up investigations of criminal violations of the law, provides K-9 support to other units/ Divisions, serves warrants and provides extradition of wanted fugitives. This section is comprised of: Extraditions Unit, Sex Offenders Registry Unit, Warrants Unit, Family Violence Unit, and K-9 Unit.

  • Extraditions Unit: 770.619.6833

     The Extraditions Unit is responsible for the extradition of wanted fugitives within the county and outside the county, it also extradites fugitives across state lines.

  • Family Violence Unit (Day & Evening): 770.822.3150

      The Family Violence Unit is responsible for warrant services regarding domestic violence and execution of civil court orders specific to Temporary Protective Orders (TPO), Subpoenas, and child custody and divorce papers. To include assisting victims of Domestic Violence by connecting them with community resources.

  • K-9 Unit: 770.619.6852

     The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office employs dual-purpose canines that may be used in both a patrol capacity in addition to narcotics and explosives detection. With the increase in drug and drug-related crimes in the area, it is imperative that the Office utilizes these resources to combat the surge of illicit drugs within the County and the jail. The K-9 Unit supports the Field Operations Division, Jail Operations Division and the Court Operations Division.

  • Uniform Warrants Unit (Day & Evening): 770.619.6852

     The Warrants Unit executes criminal arrest warrants and arrest the defendants listed on those warrants as well as arrest perpetrators of crime within the county, while ensuring the rights of the accused are observed.


  • Sex Offenders Unit: 770.619.6808

      The Sex Offenders Unit is required to track and register all convicted sex offenders in accordance with applicable state and federal law under O.C.G.A. 42-1-12. It also ensures those that require registry comply with the required laws.

Partnership Against Domestic Violence

  • 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 404.873.1766

  • For Shelter near you: 1.800.334.2836​​

Mental Health Task Force

The Mental Health Task Force mission is to advocate, educate, and enforce the shift of mentally ill persons out of the criminal justice system and into the proper care facilities. The Task Force consist of a Clinical Director who holds a doctorate in psychology with a specialty in psychotherapy. The Unit Commander is a sworn Law Enforcement Officer as well as a National Board Certified Counselor with a specialty in mental health. Personnel within the Unit are also certified Peace Officers with specialized training in De-escalation and Crisis Intervention.


Special Investigations Section

The Special Investigations Section is responsible for investigations involving organized crime, violations of narcotics and controlled substances laws, vice crimes, gang activities as well as investigating crimes inside and outside of the jail. This section is comprised of: Task Force Officers (TFO), Fugitives Unit, Gang Unit, TRACE/ICAC/Human Trafficking Unit, Investigative Services Unit (ISU), and Crime & Intelligence Analyst Unit. Special Investigations partners with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to include the FBI, DEA, GBI, county police, and local municipalities

  • Crime and Intelligence Unit


  • Fugitive Unit: 770.619.6655

      The Fugitive unit is responsible for the apprehension of violent felonious fugitives.

  • Gang Unit: 770.619.6655

      The Gang unit is responsible for monitoring and tracking Criminal Street Gang activity through traditional and non-traditional enforcement activities, investigative efforts, intelligence gathering, and intervention/education efforts.

  • Jail Intelligence Unit: 770.619.6655

      The Jail Intelligence Unit is responsible for gathering Jail intelligence, investigating crimes inside and outside of the jail to include preparing all investigative reports for proper prosecution. It provides support for all Divisions within the agency as well as assisting other agencies with requests for services.

  • Gwinnett Metro Task Force


  •  National Human Trafficking Hotline

       888.373.7888 |

  • Trafficking and Child Exploitation (TRACE) Unit


The TRACE Unit’s mission is to protect citizens, especially children, from violent criminal offenders and criminal organizations. TRACE will accomplish this by conducting proactive investigations with the use of advanced technology and covert operations, and by partnering with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and the community.

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