Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department Inmates

Sorted by Name

The following individuals are currently in the Gwinnett County Detention Center

Offender ID Alias ID Offender ID Display Last Name First Name Middle Name Unit Photo Charges
99481349 0099481349 QASEM AHMAD BASEM GCDC-1M-607-A Photo Charges
99500786 0099500786 QUACH LONG BACH GCDC-G-104-B Photo Charges
99378884 99071724 0099071724 QUANDER NATASHA GCDC-1B-116-A Photo Charges
99313059 0099313059 QUATES STAR NICHOLE GCDC-L-204-A Photo Charges
99395898 99395896 0099395896 QUICH-GARCIA LEYRIN ODILIO GCDC-E-117-A Photo Charges
99503304 0099503304 QUIJANO ALFREDO GCDC-A-222-A Photo Charges
99422001 0099422001 QUINN KENDRICK LAVARIUS GCDC-A-212-B Photo Charges
99425193 0099425193 QUINN SONYA LEIGH GCDC-I-119-A Photo Charges
99475246 0099475246 QUINTANA NOLBERT ALEXANDER GCDC-1H-403-B Photo Charges
99371192 0099371192 QUIROZ-SANTIAGO JAIME GCDC-1N-503-B Photo Charges